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Download Movie 8 Witnesses S01 E03 Mp4

8 Witnesses S01 E08
Written by Freemoviezhd

8 Witnesses S01 E03 Movie Download

8 Witnesses S01 E03

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Note: In GERMAN With English Hardcode Subtitles.

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Ten-year-old Emma is abducted in the middle of a well-attended natural history museum. No one confesses. No demands are made. There are no leads. The girl’s father, a prominent politician, therefore urges the police to call in legal psychologist and memory researcher Dr Jasmin Braun, as the key to rescuing the child seems to be hidden in the memories of the witnesses to the incident. Each episode shows the interrogation of a different witness. And at the end of each episode there are two questions: Who can contribute to solving the case with their memories? And who is possibly involved in the abduction?


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