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Marvels Daredevil S02E13
Written by Freemoviezhd

Marvels Daredevil S02E11 Movie Download

Marvels Daredevil S02E11

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The razor-thin line between redemption and retribution explodes with a vengeance in MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. With Wilson Fisk behind bars, Matt thinks his efforts to bring order to Hell’s Kitchen are succeeding — until chaos reignites with two new arrivals: Frank Castle (a.k.a. THE PUNISHER), an anguished ex-soldier determined to visit bloody, irrevocable “justice” upon his adversaries, and Mat’s volatile old flame Elektra Natchios.

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Meanwhile, a lethal, relentless source of ancient evil continues to amass power. Now, as both the stakes and the body count rise, Matt faces a life-altering choice that forces him to confront what it truly means to be a hero.



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