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Smother in Law S01E10
Written by Freemoviezhd

Smother in Law S01E07 Movie Download

Smother in Law S01E07

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When the pandemic starts, Dona Isadir doesn’t think twice about renting out her apartment in Cachambi, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, so she can be closer to her family. She decides unilaterally and without warning to move into the mansion owned by her son Carlos in Barra da Tijuca, much to the dismay of her daughter-in-law, Alice.

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Her grandchildren, Jonas and Márcia are caught in the crossfire, while the family’s longtime employee, Marinez, has a front-row seat to the fireworks. And we haven’t even mentioned the parties and cookouts with old friends from Cachambi, namely Fátima and Cezinha.


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